Duckpinning Duo Devotes Spare Time To Riviera Youth


Schillenberg, Files Keeps Kids'leagues Going

September 27, 1990|By Donald G.Vitek

"These ladies make my job so much easier" is the way Glenna Grimes, manager of Riviera Bowl on Fort Smallwood Road, described the work that Ellen Schillenberg and Ann Files do every week with the young bowlers at the duckpin center.

Since 1966, Schillenberg has been associated with the youth bowlers at Riviera Bowl. She has been secretary of the Wednesday and Thursday afternoon leagues (about 30 teams) for that long. During that time, she has guided hundreds of children, ranging in age from 4 to 13.

Schillenberg, a resident of Riviera Beach since 1955 who was born and raised in Baltimore City, still works at the control desk of the center. Her husband, Larry, has retired from Montgomery Ward after 43 years.

"The children seem to stick to bowling more than they used to," Schillenberg said, "and I like to think that the instructions are better now."

Does Schillenberg still bowl? You bet. She carries a 102 average with a high game of 160-plus and a high set of 397. You can find her every Thursday morning bowling in the women's league at Riviera Bowl. After 25 years of bowling she's not about to stop now.

There must be something about duckpin bowing and being associated with the kids that keep a person young.

Ann Files also has been associated with the youth leagues for 25 years. It was in 1965 that Files' son and daughter started bowling, and that was the start of her involvement with the Saturday morning youth leagues.

"I love it," Files said. "I hope that I never give it up. Every year is the same, but every year is different. It's such a pleasure to watch the kids progress, to see the fun and enjoyment that they get from bowling."

Files, who lives in Sun Valley, was born and raised in Brooklyn before moving to Glen Burnie more than 30 years ago. Her husband, Carl, is retired from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

She bowls in the Sun Valley Thursday Morning Ladies League and the Sun Valley Friday Night Mixed League at Riviera Bowl. She has an average of 105 and a high set of 409.

Her son, Carl Jr., who bowls with her in the mixed league, carries a 130 average and has a high game of 192 with a high series of 471. But then he had an excellent teacher.

The Saturday Morning Youth Leagues at Riviera Bowl are for youngsters 4 to 18 years of age. If you live anywhere near the center and want your kids to have a good time and learn to bowl at the same time, I suggest that you get them interested in duckpin bowling with either Ann Files or Ellen Schillenberg.

As Grimes said, "It seems like these ladies have been handling kids' leagues for about a thousand years. Their devotion and dedication to the youngsters is the same as it would be to their own children. I don't know how I would get along without them."

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