Davis may be leaving Mariners


September 26, 1990

Alvin Davis no longer is an untouchable among the Seattle Mariners, and the designated hitter says he may be playing elsewhere next season.

"The best word might be 'vulnerable,' " said Davis, 30, who holds club records in 10 offensive categories and is hitting .279 with 14 home runs this season. "I've always lived with the fact that the club could find a deal it liked and you'd be gone. But in other years, the word gets around who is untouchable, and I guess I was part of that.

"Now? With my role changed, I don't know what my value is compared to last year or other years when I had good years. I knew I would be around then. Now, I've learned it's not high school or college ball; it's a business, and you deal with it realistically."

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