Great Debate Centered On Jail In 1940, Some Thought Prisoners Deserved Better Accommodations


September 26, 1990|By Diane Mullaly

50 Years Ago (week of Sept. 22-Sept. 28. 1940):

An issue under debate this week in 1940 was the much-criticized conditions in the Howard County jail. Some countians felt that improvements were warranted to provide more humane treatment for the prisoners, while others felt that any increase in creature comforts at the jail would make the threat of imprisonment less of a deterrent to anyone contemplating a misdeed.

Funeral services were held this week for Thomas L. Gladden, who served as the first principal of Ellicott City High School from Sept. 1902 to Nov.

1908, when he resigned to accept a faculty position at St. John's College in Annapolis. He was born in Mount Crawford, Va., on May 6, 1861, and died at his Anne Arundel County home on Sept. 21, 1940.

25 Years Ago (week of Sept. 19-Sept. 25, 1965):

John E. Yingling, superintendent of schools, announced this week that he would recommend to the Board of Education that a full kindergarten program be adopted for the Howard County school system. The Board of Education had asked for allowance in the current budget for a pilot kindergarten program in three county elementary schools, but the county commissioners had turned down the request.

More than $17,000 in two-dollar bills was paid by Southern States Cooperative's Howard County Petroleum Service to patrons and members. The payment represented patronage refunds declared on purchases by patrons of the cooperative. The payoff was made to demonstrate the savings enjoyed by users of the cooperative. The use of two-dollar bills served to demonstrate the positive impact on the local economy of these savings being spent with other businesses in the area.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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