More Review Needed

September 26, 1990

HAMPSTEAD - A 95-unit housing project here was not given preliminary approval Monday night, as the Planning and Zoning Commission said the project's plans did not undergo all necessary review.

In an action that resulted in a new town policy, planners rejected preliminary plans for Shiloh Run until all comments from outside agencies -- from the county and the state -- were attached.

The commission decided that such a requirement should be a part of all preliminary plan approvals, and passed a resolution saying so.

Shiloh Run is slated for more than 35 acres off Panther and Sunset drives near North Carroll High School. It is the first new town development up for planning approval in almost two years.

Planning Commission members said several agencies -- including Carroll County Development Review and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- had yet to approve or provide comments about the plan.

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