Setback Drains Money

September 26, 1990

MANCHESTER - Complications arising from Charles "Bud" Groft's double-lung transplant in St. Louis are quickly draining the family's money supply while they wait for him to recover.

Although Groft's body is accepting the lungs he received on Aug. 3, he suffered an aneurysm in his stomach Sept. 7 and needed surgery to repair the artery, his daughter Brenda Groft said.

The 51-year-old countian required another operation when the artery leaked last Wednesday, she said.

Originally scheduled to return Nov. 3, Groft now may have to stay until the middle of January, barring any further complications.

However, despite the setbacks, Groft's family said he is in good spirits and happy that he now can breathe normally on his own.

Groft had been connected to an oxygen tank for almost eight years since an enzyme deficiency in his lungs was causing them to scrub themselves away.

Any ideas for fund-raisers to help the family will be accepted at 5004 Kriders Schoolhouse Road, Manchester, Md. 21102, or call 848-4998.

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