Road Opening Delayed

September 26, 1990

WESTMINSTER - Poor weather conditions and utility reconstruction have delayed the opening of the rerouted Medford Road project by at least a month.

The road, part of the county's southern "minibypass" around Westminster, has had construction slowed by rain, said Jack Sterling, county public works director.

Additionally, C & P Telephone Co. needs to move phone lines for the project near Route 31 and a planned railroad crossing midway between Stone Chapel Road and Route 31.

The project is being paid for jointly by the county and Genstar Stone Products Co., which must have the road moved in order to expand its quarry operation.

Medford Road will connect Route 31 to Route 27, and is expected to be a popular commuter shortcut from Westminster to Mount Airy, Sterling said.

Medford Road will connect to the east to the newly paved Chapel Road, which leads to Kate Wagner Road.

Kate Wagner Road will eventually run along the Carroll County Emergency Operations Center, cross Route 97 and end at Route 140 near Arnold Road.

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