U.S. healthy appetites are getting bigger

September 26, 1990|By John Tanasychuk | John Tanasychuk,Knight-Ridder

A quick look at U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics reveals that Americans are doing their best to move toward healthier eating.

In 1988, Americans ate about 20 pounds more fresh produce per person than in 1968.

Shoppers are paying more attention to fat content than any other nutrition variable even more than cholesterol.

Low-fat and skim milk have surpassed whole milk as the milk of choice.

In 1968, per capita consumption of whole milk was 26 gallons and consumption of reduced-fat milk was 5 gallons. In 1988, it was 12 gallons of whole and 14 gallons of reduced fat, including skim, 1- and 2-percent. But soft drinks are now the No. 1 beverage.

The average American is eating 24 pounds less red meat, 4 more pounds of fish and shellfish, and 26 more pounds of poultry than in 1971.

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