They're playing our songChristian Holgard, an assistant...

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September 25, 1990

They're playing our song

Christian Holgard, an assistant football coach at North Dakota State, said that during his entire high school football career he never heard his school's fight song.

The reason, Holgard said, was simple: His team never scored a touchdown.

Holgard said: "I was always under the impression that our school song was 'The Star-Spangled Banner.'"

Realism in television

A group of National Football League players gathered at the Rose Bowl in June to film a soft-drink commercial.

The scene is a training camp. Temperatures rise. Players begin to melt into the field.

Enter Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason, who throws bottles of the soft drink to San Francisco 49ers running back Tom Rathman, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham, Green Bay Packers linebacker Tim Harris, Washington Redskins defensive end Charles Mann and Detroit Lions linebacker Chris Spielman. They drink up and return to normal.

On the day the commercial was shot, the temperature on the field reached 114 degrees.

The director, Michael Ritchie of George Lukas' Industrial Light and and Magic studio, said: "I thought that on a comfortable 70-degree day we could use our imaginations and make believe the day was a scorcher. Instead, we got a heavy dose of reality that we didn't need."

Broadcaster fiddles around

The Raiders Newspaper recently saluted announcer Bill King, who has broadcast more than 500 games for the club.

Said Raiders executive assistant Al LoCasale: "The thing I've always admired about Bill, having done some broadcasting myself, when he reaches for the phrase, it's there.

"In Super Bowl XI, he said Ken Stabler is playing the Minnesota defense like Fritz Kreisler plays a Stradivarius."

King actually said: "Jascha Heifetz never played a violin with more dexterity than Kenny Stabler is playing the Minnesota Vikings this afternoon in the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena."

The quote

John Kruk of the Philadelphia Phillies to a baseball-card photographer for having photo sessions at 12:35 p.m.: "Why do you guys always show up in the morning? You always show up when I don't look good. Ten people send me baseball cards to autograph, and there's a P.S. that says, 'God, you're ugly.' "

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