State approves construction of 2 Towson crematoriums

September 24, 1990|By Glenn Small | Glenn Small,Evening Sun Staff

A Towson funeral establishment has gotten state approval to build and operate two crematoriums at its York Road location.

The Ruck-Towson funeral establishment got approval to operate the crematoriums last week, said George P. Ferreri, director of the air management administration.

"We've reviewed all the [public] comments," Ferreri said. "We've addressed all those comments."

State and county air quality officials say the Ruck crematoriums, which will be licensed to operate eight hours a day, 365 days a year, are safe to the surrounding communities.

There are no odors or toxic emissions, Ferreri said.

Michael Ruck, of the Ruck funeral establishment, said his firm is gratified that the state recognized the proposed crematoriumsas safe. He said the firm will move ahead with construction plans.

"We will be pursuing these things as quickly as possible," said Ruck, who said he has been told that it may take as long as 10 weeks to get a county building permit.

One nearby resident, Buddy Bohager, had strenuously objected to the crematoriums, saying the burning of human bodies is equivalent to burning medical waste.

Experts in the field, however, disagree, saying the only harm can come from burning heavy plastic body bags, but Ruck is prohibited from burning bodies in plastic bags, according to its permit.

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