Middle class again will carry the loadThe conflict between...

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September 24, 1990

Middle class again will carry the load

The conflict between Democrates and Republicans over proposed increases in Medicare premiums is a budget sticking point which makes clear that Congress considers the poor, the rich and the elderly to be sacred cows who do not have to share in the burden of reducing the deficit.

Who does that leave? Those of us in the middle who work to support ourselves and our children in this recession. We pay tremendous taxes to provide Social Security for the elderly and the poor while getting neither the tax benefits set aside for the rich nor the security provided for the poor.

Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill made it painfully clear during the 1986 tax reform debate that the Republicans are the champions of the rich, and the Democrats are the champions of the poor and elderly. No one cares about the welfare of the rest of us -- that minority of citizens who work for a living and pay the government's bills.

Anita Heygster


Knee-jerk response

Regarding your editorial on the murder of Billy Winebrenner ("A bloody year," Sept. 11):

It is a shame that the writer used such a tragic incident to respond in knee-jerk fashion with a cry for more gun control. New York City and Washington, D.C., are clear examples that gun control does nothing to reduce crime.

The writer also urges lawmakers in this election year to avoid the temptation to talk tough on crime, but do nothing to offend the "gun lobby."

There is no need for concern here. If lawmakers would get tough on crime and criminals with stiffer sentences and no parole for repeat offenders like the killer of Billy Winebrenner, gun owners would hardly be offended and something might be done about crime.

Equating gun control with getting tough on crime is a cop-out.

Michael Reid

Bel Air

A loss in the 10th

The 10th District has just lost one of the finest, upstanding legislators to serve in public office. Frank Kelly spent 12 years improving the living conditions for those in northern Baltimore County and the state of Maryland. Without Senator Kelly, programs and projects such as the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, the spending affordability law, light rail service for Cockeysville-Timonium, the preservation of 177 additional acres of land at Oregon Ridge and nearly 30 drunk-driving laws might not have existed to benefit the citizens of Maryland

And what for? To "prove" that abortion is a fundamental right to being a woman. To "prove" that women will sacrifice all to secure that right. Well, congratulations! You've taken one issue which personally affects a small number of people and sacrificed unsurpassed integrity, leadership and effectiveness in other vital issues on the altar of abortion rights.

Michael R. Smith


Voter endorsement

Critics who felt Bill Burlison was not a viable candidate for the House of Delegates in the 33rd District, take note. In the Sept. 11 primary, Bill enjoyed a resounding victory in the race for his party's central committee in the 33rd. He easily beat six other candidates, including two incumbents, by a wide margin. His message on tax and environmental relief is beginning to be heard.

Wake up, Democrats and Republicans in the 33rd District, and hear what Bill Burlison has been saying. His message is clear and his ideas are doable. As a Republican, I ask both Republicans and Democrats to vote Bill Burlison into the House of Delegates from the 33rd District of Anne Arundel County.

lay Heflebower



Congratulations to those who voted out Senators Schweinhaut, Shore and Kelly.

What was their crime? They stood up for what they felt was morally and ethically right. They looked to their creator and stood by their values.

And who are the people voters prefer? One-issue candidates who base their political existence on the "right" of men and women to erase their lack of sexual responsibility by killing their unborn babies.

God Help Maryland.

Ernest Wessel Jr.


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