It's tough enough to handicap the games.Now you even have...

Vito Stellino's picks

September 23, 1990

It's tough enough to handicap the games.

Now you even have to handicap the errors by the instant-replay officials. The Raiders beat the Seahawks last week, mainly because of a goof by the communicator in the instant-replay booth.

Somehow, he didn't get hold of the referee, Jerry Markbreit, on the field to nullify a 45-yard catch by Mervyn Fernandez -- who didn't get both feet in bounds -- late in the third period that led to a Raiders touchdown. A play was run before the call could be overturned.

The result was a 17-13 victory by the Raiders and much grumbling by all of us who had the Seahawks in a pick 'em game.

Redskins (-14) 31, Cowboys 7 -- Maybe Jimmy Johnson should start wearing a hat.

Giants (-7) 21, Dolphins 10 -- If Dave Meggett really comes down with a virus this week, will anyone believe him?

Chiefs (+3) 24, Packers 14 -- Marty Schottenheimer isn't too eager to see John Elway any time soon.

Oilers (-9 1/2 ) 23, Colts 7 -- Ron Meyer is advised not to send out his laundry any time soon.

Bears (-2 1/2 ) 28, Vikings 14 -- The Bears are fast becoming September's team.

Browns (-5) 15, Chargers 13 -- Bobby Beathard may start missing Washington any day now.

Saints (-9) 28, Cardinals 14 -- Joe Bugel couldn't have acted any happier last week if he won the Super Bowl.

Bengals (-9) 24, Patriots 21 -- The Bengals keep playing just well enough to win.

Rams (-5 1/2 ) 21, Eagles 20 -- Do you think Jerry Glanville is somehow related to Buddy Ryan?

Broncos (-8 1/2 ) 28, Seahawks 21 -- Why can't John Elway play in the Super Bowl the way he does in the regular season?

49ers (-11) 30, Falcons 14 -- The 49ers finally figured out last week that the exhibition season was over.

Raiders (-5) 21, Steelers 19 -- This is the type of game they really don't appreciate in Los Angeles. When it was Oakland and Pittsburgh in the 1970s, these teams were accusing each other of being the game's "criminal element" and many other nefarious things. In Los Angeles, it's just another game.

Lions (+3) 23, Bucs 20 -- It won't be long now before Andre Ware is in the lineup for the Lions.

Bills (-1 1/2 ) 17, Jets 14 -- Maybe the Bickering Bills can stop fighting among themselves long enough to win a game.

Best bets: Bears, Giants, 49ers and Redskins.

Last week's record: 10-4. Against the spread: 8-6. Best bets: 2-2.

Season record: 18-10. Against the spread: 14-14. Best bets: 4-4.

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