Cut out the criticismI must say the slam-banging of Frank...


September 23, 1990

Cut out the criticism

I must say the slam-banging of Frank Robinson, Mickey Tettleton and Jon Miller is getting both ridiculous and tiresome. Most of the criticisms I've read contain little long-term, supporting evidence. Take a look at the trio's reputations and achievements and see if they don't speak for themselves.

First, let us not forget that Robinson has been named Manager of the Year not once, but twice. And in both leagues! Second, I need not remind you of Mickey Tettleton's 1989 achievements, but instead I ask that you view this intelligent Oriole as a catcher, not a normal player. Can anyone name for me a better available proven catcher than this youngster? Good-hitting catchers are rare these days.

Finally, Jon Miller is considered one of the premier radio baseball announcers in the country. Even ESPN (the largest sports broadcasting service on the planet) wants him. Try tuning in to other broadcasters across the country and compare. Chuck Thompson is great, but it's not necessary to mimic his style to be entertaining.

Mark Biggerman Bel Air

Make a wish

Is it asking too much to have Brooks Robinson stationed at third base forever? The Baltimore Bullets playing the New York Knicks at the Arena? A National Hockey League expansion franchise with East Coast rivalries?

Is it asking too much to see doctors at Johns Hopkins Children's Center finding a cure for diseases affecting children so they can participate and achieve in sports without worrying about tomorrow?

Is it asking too much to see on a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon, in Camden Yards or our other home, the Colts marching band in their blue and white, standing at attention ready to play the Baltimore Colts fight song?

God said, "Ask and you shall receive," but for things of grandeur, it might be asking too much.

Frank Urbanski Baltimore

Babe Ruth Ball Park

The chances are many have not seen Life's special fall issue -- "The 100 Most Important Americans of The 20th Century." Life chose the last full page of the issue for Babe Ruth. An important item is missing -- his place of birth and where he grew up. What a wonderful opportunity for Baltimore to let the world know.

Name the new stadium now under construction in the heart of downtown Babe Ruth Ball Park. The name would stand alone around the sports world. No other city has a right to claim it. It would be incredible for Baltimore to miss it.

Gil Dunn Stevensville

Racing at night

This is from an avid racing fan. It might be nice to introduce nighttime horse racing at Pimlico and Laurel race courses in 1991. Since professional baseball is played at night, why not racing, too? It would be cooler for the horses and jockeys. The fans might like it, too.

L.P. Frailey

Bad timing

It was tragic enough to hear about the member of the Memorial Stadium grounds crew who went into cardiac arrest and who is now recovering. The response to the situation with immediate attention (including four doctors) stands as a tribute to Baltimore. Now the patient not only acknowledges his gratitude to those who rendered emergency attention, but also to the follow-up of so many others indicating their concern and wishing him a good recovery.

But his letter was read to the radio listening audience in snippets between the calling of balls and strikes. It lacked understanding. It lacked warmth. It was absent of the sympathetic spirit; in a word, it was completely out of order to read it as a broken-in-parts item, another sign of the motor-mouth syndrome typical of Jon Miller and Joe Angel. Perhaps no offense was meant, but it did offend, and I felt I had to express my (and others') reaction. I hope the announcers will learn that cardiac arrest and balls and strikes require a different approach.

Mary Jane Morrison Baltimore

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