Suffering commuters, call us

September 23, 1990

On the theory that you can still get there from here -- but just barely -- we'd like to hear from Baltimore-area commuters who have suffered and triumphed during their daily odyssey to the factory or office.

The Sun is taking a look at the worst of the region's commuting problems and plans to recount some of the misadventures of motorists and Metro, train and bus riders who race to work by the dawn's early light.

To tell your tale, park yourself at a Touch-tone phone and dial Sundial any time today or tomorrow. You don't need to identify yourself, but callers willing to be interviewed later by a reporter will be asked to leave their name and number.

Be ready to say whether you travel by car, bus or rail. Be specific and brief. Where are the bottlenecks along your daily drive? What stretches of road are frequently closed by construction?What intersections seem acci-dent-prone?

For bus, subway and train riders, what are your biggest gripes? Split-second connections? Equipment breakdowns? What could be done to make your life easier?

The call is free. If you live in the Baltimore area and want to participate in the commuter survey, call 783-1800 and the access code 4650. If you live in Anne Arundel County, call 268-7736 and the access code 4650.

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