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September 23, 1990



Ever wonder about lightning bugs and why they flash their lights?

That question could be the beginning of a whole new 4-H experience for you. Through 4-H entomology and self-determined projects, you could satisfy your curiosity and discover a whole new world.

Now for the answer to the question: Lightning bugs, or fireflies, flash their lights to attract mates.

The fireflies you see on summer evenings are all males looking for partners.

The female does not have any wings. She has a grub-like appearance and is often called a glowworm. Her light is bluer and dimmer than the male's. You can try looking for the female on moonless nights after your eyes have adjusted to the dark.

The female waits in the grass flashing her light to attract interested males. Fireflies can tell from the sequence of flashes whether they are of the same species. When visual contact is made and proper identification determined, the male lands.

One predatory species of firefly takes advantage of this courtship.

It waits in the grass mimicking the female's sequence of flashes. When the male lands to mate, he is eaten instead.

Did you know that the light given off by fireflies is cold light that does not produce heat? The light comes from the oxidation of an enzyme.

This reaction is nearly 100 percent efficient in producing light.

Other fascinating discoveries are waiting for you this year. Let 4-H help you discover the rest of the world. The Carroll County 4-H office is there to help.

Information: 848-4611 or 875-2801.



Brandy-Lynn Reese, 15, of Westminster walked away with first place in the Creative Choice category of the 4-H Fashion Revue at the Maryland State Fair Aug. 30.

Her costume, a silk riding outfit appliqued with the shield of Lord Baltimore (Crossland family), represented the Maryland state flag and Preakness, the second jewel in the Triple Crown of horse racing.

The winner's circle flower wreath was made of hand-crafted Black-eyed Susans. Brandy originally wore the outfit in the parade of states at the National Pageant for Modern Miss.

Another winner in the fashion competition was Tiffany Luers, 15, of Westminster, who received a Peer Award from other fashion competitors.


Members of the Rolling Clovers 4-H Club reported on their placings at the Carroll County Fair, Maryland State Fair and other recent fairs at their meeting Sept. 10 at the home of Karen, Michael, David and Becky Myers.

The meeting was called to order by President Kelly Myers. Pledges were led by Keri Stromberg and Sam Lieb. Reports were given by Cheryl Owings, Kelly and Kristin Myers, Jason Watt, and Jeff and Jessica Fritz.

Guests at the meeting were Amanda Dell, Stephanie Talbert, Matt Collins, Stacey, Laurie and David Green, Leslie Pileanas and Rebecca Roach.

The club will put up a bulletin board for National 4-H Club Week at New Windsor Middle School. Serving on the committee will be Joy Thomas, Kristin and Kelly Myers, Cheryl Owings, Stacey and Laura Green and Leslie Pileanas. The next planning meeting for this project will be at 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday at the home of Sandra Stonesifer.

The club trip was to Liberty Golf Park yesterday afternoon.

The club's next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 8 at the home of Keri and Erin Stromberg. The program will be a demonstration workshop.

Members should bring personal items for the Springfield Hospital Center.

Hostesses will be Keri and Erin Stromberg.

Demonstrations were given by Becky and Michael Myers on chocolate chip cookies, Keri Stromberg on how to perform magic, Jason Watt on ceramics, Cheryl Owings on flet napkin holders, Kristin Myers on how to wash a cow, Erin Elgersma on paper crafts and Erin Stromberg on needlepoint.

Information: 857-0416.


Progressive Clovers 4-H members reported on their placings at the Carroll County Fair at their Sept. 10 meeting.

Members who exhibited at the fair were: Michael Barnett, Dustin Derr, Joshua Ferguson, Kelly Haines, Steven Haines, Lauren Harris, Lori Hesson, Travis Hibberd, Mandy Holland, Alison Kniss, Angie Kniss, Jim Leister, Amy Miller, David Miller, Jenny Penn, Tracie Reaver, Jessica Rodkey, Katie Robertson, Erin Seraydian, Mary Ellen Seraydian, Cindy Starner, Debbie Starner, Missy Starner, April Wantz, Eric Wantz and Jason Wiles.

Dustin Derr and Amy Miller reported on their placings at the District Holstein Show and Maryland State Fair. Mandy Holland reported on her placing at the Maryland State Fair.

The club received second in the Dairy Herdsmanship, third on the float, second on the booth and a blue on the Program Book and Secretary's Book at the county fair.

Jim Leister conducted the meeting with Cindy Starner, secretary, and Mary Ellen Seraydian, treasurer, reporting. Eric Wantz led the 4-H pledge.

Mary Ellen Seraydian reported on the family picnic at Big Pipe Creek Park.

New members welcomed to the club were: Doug, John and Reba Cherneski, Ayrika Frock and Renee Leister.

The club will enter a display for National 4-H Club Week Oct. 8-13.

The club Halloween Party will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 27 at the Millers.

The planning committee is Mandy Holland, chairman, Dustin Derr, Angie Kniss, Jessica Rodkey and Jason Wiles.

Demonstrations were given by Mary Ellen Seraydian on making homemade stickers and Amy Miller on how to select vegetables.

The program for the next meeting on Oct. 8 will be a demonstration workshop with members whose last name begins with A-K, who can give a demonstration to help complete their project.

Information: 848-4611.

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