City Gets Water Rights

September 23, 1990

WESTMINSTER - The city can plan to meet future water needs as the result of an agreement with the county, Mayor W. Benjamin Brown said Thursday.

In 1978, Genstar Stone Products Co., which has quarries off Route 31, agreed to give the county water it generates through the mining process but does not need. Last week, the county agreed to give Westminster rights to the water.

"This allows the city to deal with our water needs into the next century," Councilman Mark S. Snyder said.

Brown said the city will not begin using water from the quarries right away. It will have to study how much water will be available and how it should be treated and distributed.

Having rights to the water will allow the city to plan for growth.

"Controlled growth is when you keep the resources in balance with the people coming in," he said.

If the city decides it does not need the water, the rights will revert to the county.

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