Brown rejects three-fight deal including Duran


September 22, 1990|By Alan Goldstein

Simon Brown, the International Boxing Federation champion, has rejected a three-fight package leading to a $1 million match next spring against Roberto Duran while reaffirming his vow to sever boxing relations with manager Al Balboin and promoter Don Elbaum.

Elbaum and Duran's promoter, Mike Acri of Erie, Pa., had set a Wednesday deadline for Brown's decision on fighting the former three-time world champion from Panama.

"I don't need any deadline, and I don't need Roberto Duran," Brown said yesterday from his home in Germantown.

"I'm the welterweight champion and one of the best fighters in the world," he said. "I'm 26 and have everything ahead of me. Duran is 39 and has no time to waste. He needs me; I don't need him, especially if I have to wait two fights.

"I can make a lot more money fighting [IBF middleweight champion] Michael Nunn or Sugar Ray Leonard. Plus, I have to make a mandatory welterweight defense against either Buddy McGirt or Glenwood Brown by early next year."

Brown said he has been talking to three of the world's leading boxing promoters -- Bob Arum, Don King and Butch Lewis -- about his plans, but has made no commitments, although Lewis reportedly is closest to making a deal.

"All I know is that I'm not fighting anymore for Balboin and Elbaum," he said.

Brown, who has two years remaining on his contract, contends that several of Balboin's checks as payments for past fights bounced, and that he was shortchanged $28,000 for his most recent defense, April 1, an eighth-round knockout of Tyrone Trice at the D.C. Armory.

"Either I didn't get what I was supposed to, or I had to wait three or four months to get paid," Brown said.

Elbaum, who is promoting club fights in Rockville, said: "That's the way Simon interprets things. I first thought he would get $225,000 for fighting Trice. But the promotion didn't make any money, and he was told it would be only $200,000.

"Aside from Ray Leonard, Simon had the best possible deal for a fighter. He kept 75 percent, and his trainer [Emile Griffith] 5 percent

"The three-fight package with Duran wasn't done because we felt Simon had to wait. It was to build back Duran's credibility after he looked so bad losing to Leonard last summer."

Acri said if Brown rejects the proposal he probably would match Duran in December against middleweight Pat Lawlor of San Francisco.

"Roberto is getting in shape in Panama," Acri said. "He doesn't want to sit around. He wants to fight."

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