September 22, 1990|By Sabina Waldman

Glitter on Litter

Lean Rats on Fat Cats

Whores on Bores

Schlepps and Preps

Artist and Tapper

Cool Whippersnapper

Poet Canting

Psycho Ranting,

Tough Guys and Fey

Shoving One Way. . .

Cars Bars Ships Tars

Dingy Dank Alleys

Sumptuous Galleys,

Coke, Pot and Hash

White Collar Trash,

Great Laughs

Mean Brawls,

No Curtain Calls. . .

China Sea Funk

Flea Market Junk

Piteous Faces

Handouts . . . No Laces.

Neon Flashing

Bottles Smashing,

Music Howling

Cerberus Growling,

Moist Lips Inviting

Vaguely Exciting,

Sappho Entwining

Phoebus Reclining.

Barter and Bicker

Tongue Growing Thicker,

Boosing the Nappy

Memory Sappy. . .

Oh, Crystal Ball,

Foretell it All. . .

''One Summer Night

Ere Late and Soon,

Shall Daffy Spin

The Half Full Moon.

Murky Waters

Madly Churning

Shall Engulf

This Doleful Yearning.

Black Clouds Heavy

Rolling. . .Moving. . .

Shall Enshroud

This Woeful Grooving.

A Crash of Drums,

A Shaft of Light,

The Point will Fly

Right Out of Sight.''

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