Around the house* Wash outdoor picnic table and benches...


September 22, 1990

Around the house

* Wash outdoor picnic table and benches with ammonia and water. If necessary, scrape and sand rough spots. Apply two coats of polyurethane varnish to protect wood from winter weather.

* When painting a staircase, paint every other step. Whil waiting for the paint to dry, you can use the unpainted steps. The rest of the stairs can be painted when the painted surfaces are dry.

* Use gift wrap left over from a baby shower to line the dresse drawers in the nursery.

* Deodorize shoes. Fill the feet of old knee-high hose with ca litter; tie knots in the ends and place in shoes to absorb odors.

* Spray top of curtains with a fabric protector. Dust will come of easier when vacuumed, and stains such as fireplace soot will not penetrate the draperies.

* Pour salt immediately on fresh oven spills. When cool, brush of the burned spot and wipe clean with a sponge.

In the garden

* Bring houseplants inside gradually to minimize shock. Move plants from full sun to partial shade for a few days. Then place in full shade for a few more days. When indoors, plants will suffer rTC less shock from the drier air and higher temperatures.

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