A tasty homecoming at Cafe des Artistes


September 22, 1990|By SYLVIA BADGER

One might say that Ann Clapp is endeavoring to defy the words of Thomas Wolfe and has indeed gone home. Two years ago, Ann and her husband Harvey, who's in the gas drilling business in Turkey, sold the Cafe des Artistes to Henry Lubet and Chef John Paul Pessaint. And although business seemed to be going well, Lubet and Pessaint recently gave up the restaurant and moved back to Washington. So Ann came back to run her restaurant with Chef Claude Chauvin. Chauvin has owned several restaurants, Voila in Frederick and, believe it or not, a Florida restaurant named Cafe des Artistes -- no relation.

This past week, the Clapps hosted back-to-back parties for friends and potential customers. Several hundred people joined them for a cocktails and a buffet dinner of roast beef, beef Burgundy, fresh salmon, mussels, fried onion rings and zucchini, pastas and I could go on and on telling you about the incredible array of food we tasted.

Among the guests enjoying the good food and good company were Patty Baker, Sita and Peter Culman, Ellen and Richard Sullivan, Hal and Dede Whitaker (with their pretty daughter Molly O'Donovan), Kitty and Bob Harrison, Brucie and Holden Gibbs, Mary Bell Grempler, Bob and Barbara Bonnell and Ed Brewin.

I particularly enjoyed talking to old friends, Pokey and Alex Brown, Ann and Tom Bailliere, and Dr. Hammond Dugan and his son Jay, who has recently moved back to Baltimore. And what a small world it is -- the Browns and the Baillieres own a sailboat together and are often on my Eastern Shore turf, cruising the Chester River or visiting their hunting lodge at Spaniards Neck.

The Rev. Douglas Pitt, St. Johns Church Huntingdon, was with a group of his favorite ladies: Mrs. Stuart Egerton, Mrs. Charles Garland, Mrs. Benjamin Deford and Mrs. C. Gibson Carey.

Others at the parties were Frances and Mary Ann Burch, Jack Luetkemeyer, Mike Kelly, Bill Mules, Holly Lanahan, Lynn Shapiro, Jane and Michael Glick, Mrs. LeBaron Willard, Darielle hTC and Earl Linehan, Gail and Ben Civiletti, Frank Bonsal, Judy and Jay Cullen, and the Turkish Consul to Baltimore, Chenap Kiratli and his wife Zita.

I hope Ann Clapp enjoyed her two years out of the restaurant business, because from now on, most of her time will be spent in Mt. Washington overseeing the serving of five weekday lunches and dinner every evening at the Cafe des Artistes.

The R.S.V.P.'s came back in record numbers for tomorrow evening's annual John Early Society Garden Party. This year's black tie dinner will be held at Bellefield, the lovely farm belonging to Margaret and Jim (McKay) McManus.

The hosts say they've never entertained such a large crowd, but not to worry because they have a large and beautifully decorated heated tent. The Rev. Joe Sellinger, Loyola's president, and Loyola's Board of Trustees will have the welcome banners flying for Early members who are generous givers to Loyola.

Among those who have said yes to the invite are Anne and Bill Boucher, Phyllis and Don Brotman, Rita and Tom Cinnamond, Bartie and Charlie Cole, Millie and Pat Deering, Marti and Howard Head, Mary and Sig Hyman, Lois and Dick Hug, Joe Keelty and Anne Grieves, and Mary Jo and Danny Sheppard.

You may have heard that Gov. William Donald Schaefer is unhappy with the way his primary campaign went and that he's shaking up the troops. I hear his disappointment was most evident at the Baltimore School for the Arts, where the crowd that gathered was a little sparse, considering the attendance at his past victory parties.

But a group of Maryland Republicans have decided to rally around the governor and some pretty prominent names are leading the rally. Co-chairing the Republicans for Schaefer Committee are Theodore R. McKeldin Jr., an attorney with Weinberg and Green, and his wife Courtney, manager of Membership and Public Relations for the Baltimore Convention and Visitors' Association, and Maryland's awesome tennis star and savvy businesswoman, Pam Shriver.

Republicans are invited to a Schaefer reception at the Colonnade on Oct. 24 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Others on the founding committee, so to speak, are Hank Butta, H. Furlong Baldwin, Don Bowman, Owen Cole, Lowell Bowen, L. Patrick Deering, Leslie Disharoon, Ralph Ferrell, Willard Hackerman, Raymond Haysbert, Will Howard, Robert Killebrew Jr., Roger Kostmayer, George McGowan, Alexandra Roosevelt, Richard Sullivan, Robert Weinberg, William Weston, Dr. Clifford Wheeless Jr., and George Wills.

If you plan to attend, call Ricki Baker at (800) 776-5432.

Sylvia Badger's column appears Tuesday in the Accent section of The Evening Sun.

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