Sunset Restaurant & Lounge, 625 Greenway Ave., Glen 0...


September 22, 1990|By Mary Maushard | Mary Maushard,THE EVENING SUN THE SUN THE SUNDAY SUN

Sunset Restaurant & Lounge, 625 Greenway Ave., Glen 0) Burnie. Long-known for a famous nude over the bar, The Sunset deserves to be recognized for its food, friendly service and pleasant surroundings. This is a big restaurant but the dining area is divided into several separate rooms, so the atmosphere is generally cozy. Every meal begins with a complimentary platter of port wine cheese, crackers and crudites. The menu choices are many. I found the Crab Imperial rich and traditional and the bread pudding homemade and delicious. $$moderate (Last visited 8/90.)

Crab Shanty,

Lynn Williams U.S. 40 at Plumtree Dr., Ellicott City. Like the luxurious "cottages" of Newport, the Crab Shanty doesn't live down to its name. No shanty this, but a big, handsome place which serves quality seafood in a setting of barn wood and brass. The seafood offerings, from an old-fashioned fried combination platter -- minimally battered and grease-free -- to an elegant grilled swordfish with bearnaise was done with integrity, the vegetables were fresh, the desserts homemade. $$moderate. (Last visited 8/90.)

Red Hot & Blue Memphis Pit Bar-B-Que,

Janice Baker 677 Main St., Laurel. It ain't no fired-up, grill-topped oil barrel in a parking lot. It's an inexpensive, sit-down, new brick restaurant with napkins, waiters, pizza parlor lamps, watercolors jazz players, and a mock-up on one wall of a couple of pigs playing electric guitars. We found mighty fine eating in the onion ring loaf, wet ribs, pulled pig, barbecued chicken, beans in sweet pickle juice, and the key lime pie. Fact is, though, we speak without ancestral knowledge of barbecue. $$moderate. (Last visited 7/90.)

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