Indy writer: Colts not worth having

September 20, 1990

* Bill Benner, a columnist for The Indianapolis Star, called the Colts' 16-14 home loss to New England last Sunday "embarrassing" and got a few other things off his chest in Tuesday's editions of the paper. The following is an excerpt from that column:

"Let me tell you something, folks. And this is a fact. Put the Colts in almost any other major market in the country and the press would be having a field day over the latest chapter in this franchise's long, sorry, mediocre history under Robert Irsay's ownership.

"The Colts are a collection of mismanaged losers who epitomize the sorry state of professional sports these days . . . where there's no incentive to be good, no reason to excel because the dollars will continue to roll in and the fat paychecks will always be there.

"And if the fans finally get fed up, well, hell, that's easy. Just move the team. There's always another city waiting, salivating, at a chance to become big-league.

"More and more I rue the day these bums rolled in on the Mayflower and began to dominate the local sports scene, pushing college and high school athletics off the front of the sports section or making them afterthoughts at the end of local sportscasts.

"Oh, yeah, right, the Colts did make us a major-league city. So what? They've also made us the laughingstock of the NFL.

"Six years after the fact, the good citizens of Baltimore don't know how well off they are."

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