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September 20, 1990

Look at Dyson's helping of ordinary folks

You have not given Rep. Roy Dyson a fair shake, and your paper has not practiced unbiased journalism in this instance.

In last week's interview with Mr. Dyson, for example, you concentrated on questions concerning his conscientious objector status 20 years ago. You did not ask any questions on how he's served his constituents over the past 10 years. This was unjust, unfair, biased and does not give us an overall picture of this honorable man.

I know Roy Dyson personally, and I would like to clear the air on what a hard-working, dedicated, loyal congressman he has been.

I served in Roy Dyson's Aberdeen office as a volunteer this summer after he helped my mother, who suffered a severe bleeding ulcer caused by harassment at work. Mr. Dyson saved her job and her life when she was near death in June. She is now recovered and expecting to retire this year.

I know for a fact that Mr. Dyson has helped many other average people. He has fought for and obtained Social Security disability benefits for people with AIDS who had been previously turned down. He has helped battered women find shelter, obtained child support for abandoned mothers and given assistance to widows and veterans for lost pension and burial benefits.

I want readers out there to know the real Roy Dyson, not the one who has been portrayed as an unpatriotic draft dodger. Let's forgive him if he did make a mistake and look at his outstanding record.

Robert Frame


Women's colleges

Dr. James Fisher has stated with eloquence and conviction the strong case for women's colleges (Other Voices, Sept. 14). He and his fellow researchers rediscovered the evidence of success that every women's college promulgates in its literature. However, public awareness of the benefits of women's colleges is still minimal.

Dr. Fisher's research team concluded that "women's colleges are better for women -- not just some women, but women in general." The evidence on which this conclusion is based should be explored by everyone interested in the future of our society. Our world needs a more representative combination of masculine and feminine gifts, talents, insights and perceptions to solve its problems and create its future. Women's colleges create the atmosphere that empowers women and inspires leadership.

Kathleen Feeley, S.S.N.D.

The writer is president of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

Human shields

Americans are justly outraged at the thought of people being used as "human shields" in Iraq and Kuwait. It is barbaric, a crime against humanity that should be condemned.

However, Saddam Hussein is merely copying the British example. After all, Britain has been employing the same tactic in Northern Ireland for the past 20 years. In Northern Ireland the British army also uses "human shields."

I was in Ireland last month and was appalled to witness this tactic in the West Belfast war zone. A British army post is situated on the top of a nurses' residence. Another is perched on top of a high-rise where families live. This would be similar to stationing army barracks on the top of Mercy Hospital and the Murphy Homes. In fact, military installations are placed beside schools and factories all over West Belfast.

We should not permit the current anti-Arab racism to cloud our vision. Saddam Hussein is merely following British strategy. There is no outrage when this tactic is employed against the Irish people. One wonders why. Can it be because the British are considered to be the epitome of Western civilization?

Brendan Walsh



The first sign of apathy was the stinging defeat of Pat Robertson in the 1988 presidential race. Then Jerry Falwell's "Moral Majority" closed its doors. President Bush blatantly ignored the Southern Baptist Convention and now the Maryland primary drives the point home.

Fundamentalist Christians and the radical right love to wave their banners and make a lot of noise. They can march on Washington and parade around Annapolis, yet these self-righteous demagogues can't seem to find a voting booth.

Bill Urban


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