What they're saying about selection of Atlanta

September 19, 1990

* "This is not about money and all the stadiums we can build. It's about the values for which Olympism stands, and it shows we have learned our lessons about equality and fair play." -- Maynard Jackson, mayor of Atlanta

* "I'm proud the Olympic Games will be back in the United States. We know they're going to host a terrific Olympics." -- President Bush

* "We were expecting that the centenary would be for Athens, to renovate the spirit of the Games. But I think it was fair play, and we must respect the decision." -- Nicholas Giatrakos, mayor of Athens, Greece

* "Toronto put up a very good fight. They had an excellent team. They had a world-class city to promote. They did an exceptional job at it." -- Brian Mulroney, prime minister of Canada

* "American money, American organization. It's a great disappointment." -- Nickolas Filaretos, member of Athens Olympic Bid Committee

* "I think Coca-Cola money and CNN News helped Atlanta." -- Anne Johnston, member of Toronto Olympic Committee

* "It's supposed to be a world Games, not an American Games -- the Yanks have done it again. In the last 25 years, America has had almost half the Olympic Games, and while America can put on the greatest show on earth, I'm just disappointed [the Games] can't come south of the equator." -- Neil Trezise, sports minister in Victoria state, where Melbourne, Australia, is located

* "I'm excited. I'm elated. I'm shellshocked. I can't express it. I'm at a loss for words." -- Charlie Battle, of Atlanta's IOC committee

* "We're pretty shocked. If it hadn't been Melbourne, it should have been Athens. I think it is now based on money; there are obviously a lot of big sponsors in Atlanta." -- Tom Kontaxis of Melbourne

* "No words can describe how positive this is for the city. All I know is that I am as thrilled as can be, mostly for our city, actually quite a bit for our city." -- Atlanta Braves president Stan Kasten

* "I think big money did play a big part in the decision. American prime-time television and the money it will bring in must have been a major factor in the minds of the IOC." -- Mike Cuerden, press spokesman for Manchester, England

* "This is a precedent of sorts: The USA had the Olympic Games only six years ago. This, evidently, represents a defeat of the Olympic and sports spirit and the victory of the capital." -- Aleksandar Bakocevic, president of the Yugoslav Olympic Committee

* I understand they were a long shot, but I'm pleased, being from Griffin, and I think Atlanta will be a joyful place to be around while it's here." -- Jeff Treadway, Braves second baseman and a native Georgian from Griffin

* "It's great for the city . . . but the traffic is bad now. You can imagine what it will be during the Olympics, but I hope it works out." -- Jeff Blauser, Braves shortstop

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