* The following transactions come from reports of Rufus S...

Real Estate

September 19, 1990

* The following transactions come from reports of Rufus S. Lusk & Son Inc. for the period June 25 to July 20.

Anne Arundel AMBERLEY AMBERLEY 1651 Homewood Road, $280,000, R.R. Hardy Jr. to George C. Wischmann.

BAY HILLS BAY HILLS 508 Bay Hills Drive, $155,000, J.A. Woodstock to Albert D. Borro Jr.

CHESTNUT HILL COVE CHESTNUT HILL COVE 1138 Veranda Court, $125,100, Ryan Homes to Robert J. Seybuck.

CROFTON CROFTON 1473 Jordan Ave., $161,000, J.S. Kousin to George S. Spiers.

DELMONT STATION DELMONT STATION 7909 Tressel Court, $209,188, Mandrin Construction Co. to William A. Erney.

PROVINCES PROVINCES 7888 N. Cartier Court, $145,500, J.H. Dalrymple Jr. to Gerald P. Belknap.

REVELL DOWNS REVELL DOWNS 449 Delso Court, $102,000, M.D. Whitfield to Hosea L. Hodges.

ROSEWOOD ROSEWOOD 1972 Dominoe Road, $125,000, C.E. Davis to Francis T. Pinkney.

SOUTH RIVER PARK SOUTH RIVER PARK 212 Riverside Road, $279,900, S.E. Smith to Edward H. Saunders.

STEWARTS LANDING STEWARTS LANDING 251 West Haven Drive, $186,000, L.C. Perry to William T. Sims.

THE DOWNS THE DOWNS 1582 Keswick Place, $250,000, S.G. Stephenson to James W. Mauro.

Baltimore City CANTON CANTON 2901 Boston Ave., Unit 220, $204,000, Canton Cove Cp. to Richard H. Grube Jr.

FEDERAL HILL FEDERAL HILL 706 William St., $220,000, Tra-Marc Inc. to Kevin G. Quinn.

FELLS POINT FELLS POINT 415 S. Ann St., $52,500, S. Wisniewski to Mary S. Bickford.

GOVANS GOVANS 510 Nicoll Ave., $85,000, J.M. Carter Jr. to J.T. Gracie.

HAMILTON HAMILTON 3814 Pinewood Ave., $30,332, G.G. Engler to David E. Mitchell.

HIGHLANDTOWN HIGHLANDTOWN 125 S. Robinson St., $52,000, H.D. Holthaus to Betty J. Files.

MAYFIELD MAYFIELD 2109 Kentucky Ave., $102,500, D.R. Bangsberg, by attorney-in-fact, to Ariane F. Fenton.

MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON 12 W. Mount Vernon Place, Unit 9, $102,900, Mount Vernon Place Limited Partnership to Javad Hekmatpanah.

ROLAND PARK ROLAND PARK 6 Upland Road, Unit P15, $75,000, R.G. Pine to John D. Flynn.

Baltimore County DAFFODIL HILL DAFFODIL HILL 2001 Devere Ave., $250,000, M.L. Boyle to Frank P. Bland.

DUNDALK DUNDALK 3014 Dunmurry Road, $130,000, L.J. Jett to Marc D. Glickstein.

EASTWOOD EASTWOOD 7242 Gough St., $69,900, R.D. Citrano to M.M. Foos.

HUNT RIDGE HUNT RIDGE 266 Hunters Ridge Road, $225,000, C.A. Vuitel, by attorney-in-fact, to Peter A. Cole.

LOCH RAVEN MANOR LOCH RAVEN MANOR 1538 Glen Keith Boulevard, $124,000, R.P. Melocik to John G. Frederick.

MAPLE CREST MAPLE CREST 758 Lannerton Road, $74,000, J.B. Digman to Michael E. Huth.

OAKLEIGH MANOR OAKLEIGH MANOR 1817 Trenleigh Road, $87,500, I.J. Schmidt to Dean E. Brubaker.

PADONIA PADONIA 1012 Seminary Ave., $147,000, P.A. Murphy to Michael A. Neumeier.

RODGERS FORGE RODGERS FORGE 288 Stanmore Road, $107,500, H.W. Vollmer, by personal representative, to G.W.



$124,900, E.J. Dorn to F.C. Zimmer.

Carroll BELLEVUE HEIGHTS BELLEVUE HEIGHTS 1 Bellevue St. & Lot 7, $120,000, J.M. Costas to J.A. Lamb.

CANDICE ESTATE CANDICE ESTATE 6600 Ayjay Drive, $205,000, D.E. Freas to C.A. Czeh.

CARROLL MEADOW CARROLL MEADOW 207 Alymer Court, $88,850, F. Safar to W.R. Mowrey.

FLANDERS FLANDERS 7346 Argonne Drive, $181,900, Designer Homes Inc. to Thomas C. Eastland.

FRIENDLY ACRES FRIENDLY ACRES 111 Meadow Lark Ave., $103,000, S.L. Swann to Sheila E. Mullini.

FURNACE HILLS FURNACE HILLS 547 Crossbridge Drive, $152,950, C. Farms to Francis P. Brennan.

HARRINGTON HARRINGTON 590 Owings Court, $173,900, Patton Contractors to Walter W. Lawn.

MONTCLARE MONTCLARE 1092 Montclare Drive, $252,500, M.V. Landry to Harry S. Gentry.

Harford BAY VIEW ESTATES BAY VIEW ESTATES 232 Heather Way, $124,000, J.J. Dunlap to Alvin L. Jones Jr.

BOX HILL II BOX HILL II 35 Boxthorn Road, $106,900, J.G. Haslbeck to Joyce A. Yankowsky.

CONCORD FIELDS CONCORD FIELDS 104 and 106 O'Neill Court, $60,000, M.C. Craig to Wesley M. Clark.

HOWARD PARK HOWARD PARK 415 Catherine St., $94,525, I. Edwards, by attorney-in-fact, to Gordon T. Moon.

HUNTER NORTH HUNTER NORTH 3650 Ady Road, $150,000, H.C. Capshaw IV to John O. Bangs.

NORTH DEEN NORTH DEEN 166 E. Deen Ave., $64,900, J. Ballard III to Sanford A. Fisher.

OLD FIELDS OLD FIELDS 914 Chesney Lane, $122,000, D.N. Covington to John M. Bentrup.

Howard BOONE FARM BOONE FARM 2949 Hearthstone Road, $249,880, Columbia Builders Inc. to Hugh S. Warner.

BURLEIGH MANOR BURLEIGH MANOR 3883 Woodville Lane, $374,225, Richmond American Homes to Lawrence J. Dolan.

CARTERS COVE CARTERS COVE 9342 Pirates Cove, $102,000, J. Talavasek to Jonathan H. Scott.

LONG GATE LONG GATE 8610 Honeysuckle Court, $202,500, D.J. London to Thomas L. Johannesen.

NORMANDY HEIGHTS NORMANDY HEIGHTS 9181 Rosemar Drive, $105,000, C.M. Carlock, by personal representative, to Thomas R. Hollerbach.

RIVER MILLS RIVER MILLS 8711 Ridge Road, $129,500, W.F. Ripple to David H. Vickers.

TURF VALLEY OVERLOOK TURF VALLEY OVERLOOK 2816 Eagle Mere Court, $273,292, Chateau Homes Inc. to John E. Bonebreak.

VILLAGE OF HICKORY RIDGE VILLAGE OF HICKORY RIDGE 6750 Pyramid Way, $139,500, P. Luck to Michael J. Reid.

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