Navy will need more than luck with Irish

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September 18, 1990|By Bill Tanton

HEAVEN help Navy on Nov. 3 when it plays Notre Dame at the Meadowlands. Virginia coach George Welsh didn't want to embarrass his own alma mater last week but couldn't hold the score below 56-14 against the Middies. The Richmond team Navy had a hard time beating in its opener lost, 37-0, to Rhode Island last weekend. Navy goes back to its own class Saturday, entertaining Villanova.

* Ex-Oriole Eddie Murray is going to be the Dodgers' MVP. His final numbers will be something like .315, 27 homers, 90 RBIs -- exactly what the Orioles need to add to their offense. But I'll be darned if I hear Baltimore fans saying they wish Eddie were back.

* Willie McGee is the most consistent hitter in baseball. He stays at .335 in the National League averages, day after day and week after week.

* The Clemson football team that played here last week is not as good offensively as the one that represented the school in the early '60s with Baltimore boys Sam Anderson, Gary Arthur and Charley Meadowcroft on the line. All were recruited by Clemson alum and then Bethlehem Steel executive Carl Bessent, whose ardor for the place cooled in the wake of numerous NCAA violations.

* Say what you will about coach Joe Krivak's lack of knowledge of the rules or the errors that gave the Maryland-Clemson game to the Tigers. But do not for a moment lose sight of the fact that Maryland is more fun to watch now than at any time since Boomer Esiason played. The Terps have a QB with a great arm in Scott Zolak plus gifted receivers such as Gene Thomas and Frank Wycheck. With a defense that has not allowed any of its three opponents as many as 20 points, Maryland is going to have a good year.

* Ed Whitson, best known for the brawl he and the late Billy Martin staged at the Cross Keys Inn here when Whitson was pitching for the Yankees, is known for something more positive these days. With an earned run average of 2.42, Whitson, now with the Padres, is battling Danny Darwin and John Tudor for the National League ERA title.

* Butcher boy Joe McMurtry, who moved from Baltimore back to his hometown of Philadelphia, returned to Memorial Stadium last weekend for the Maryland-Clemson game. He reports that you can't buy an Eagles ticket in Philly. In D.C., you can't buy a Redskins ticket. In between, in pro football-less Baltimore, a lot of people remain indifferent to the NFL. And to think we used to be the most rabid fans of all.

* All baseball teams make mistakes on talent. Pitcher Greg Harris, here with the Red Sox for the current series with the Orioles, has been a savior for pitching-shy Boston with his 13-6 record. Harris is on his seventh major-league team.

* If you care about young people, particularly those at our service academies, you have to be glad quarterback Gary McIntosh is back on the Navy football team. He quit before the first game when he learned he wouldn't be the starter. That was a mistake and McIntosh admits it, but it was not, as one area columnist put it, treasonous. The young man deserves the second chance he's getting.

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