September 18, 1990

William Fischer, a private investigator from Endicott, N.Y., testified in Port Crane, N.Y., that former major-league manager Billy Martin was driving when his pickup went out of control on Christmas Day 1989 and smashed into a culvert, killing Martin. Martin's companion that night, Detroit bar owner William Reedy, is on trial for driving while intoxicated, but he has maintained that Martin was behind the wheel.

Fischer said his examination of the truck on the morning after the accident showed several signs that Martin, and not Reedy, was driving. Fischer said the fabric on the left knee of the pants Reedy was wearing when the crash occurred was imprinted on the --board of the pickup just to the right of the steering wheel. That indicated that Reedy slid across from the passenger side of the vehicle on impact, Fischer said. In addition, he said a footprint in the foot well on the passenger side of the truck matched a shoe Reedy had on and that an imprint on Reedy's jacket that night appeared to have been made by the radio panel of the truck.

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