September 18, 1990|By George Neff Lucas

In commercials surrounded by news,

Chuck Yeager is selling B-2s

Unseen by radar,

' They're unlike a car --

If you're looking for cash back, you lose.

the Saudi Arabian grill,

Time is what they are not trained to kill;

To combat ennui,

) All the troops get to see

Are tours from Capitol Hill.

Bush keeps a sharp eye on the score:

Opinions against versus for;

But where will it end

' If he follows the trend

Of polls that say people want war?

Saddam has been likened to Hitler,

But his Luftwaffe is luckily littler;

If we can frustrate

$ His lust for Kuwait,

Maybe peace won't be broken,

just brittler.

By some it's considered bad form,

But his August vacation's the norm;

Golf, horseshoes and fishin'

+ Keep George in condition --

And Kennebunkport in a storm.

"Gather 'round, Brits, to hear

me explain

Why you're shuffled around my domain;

It's done simply for

' The avoidance of war --

Just call me Hussein the Humane."

"The Freedom Alliance"? No sale;

Though Ollie still tries to prevail

As just an old grunt

% With commies to hunt,

He now wears a coat of junk mail.

hit by Gramm-Rudman, remember,

We could be on the ropes by December;

Budget progress is nil

-! By both White House and Hill,

And the days do grow short

in September.

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