Policeman seized, murdered by IRA in Irish border area

September 18, 1990|By Gilbert A Lewthwaite | Gilbert A Lewthwaite,London Bureau of The Sun

LONDON -- The Irish Republican Army yesterday announced they had killed a Northern Ireland policeman after seizing him from a group returning from a fishing trip in the Irish Republic.

Security forces were checking for booby traps before recovering a body in the border area in Northern Ireland's County Armagh, known as "bandit territory."

Constable Louis Robinson, 42, was last seen when the van he was traveling in with friends was stopped Saturday night at an illegal roadblock at Killeen on the main Dublin-Belfast road, one of the most dangerous highways in Ireland. He would be the 180th police victim since what is known as "The Troubles" last broke out 21 years ago.

Despite intense security precautions in the border area, in the past five years the IRA has been able to kill six senior police officers, a judge and his wife, and, accidentally, a family of three mistaken for the family of another judge.

Mr. Robinson's abduction took place under a series of British army watchtowers, placed in the vicinity because of the danger of passage through the area. It is believed the precise spot was chosen because it was hidden from the watchtowers by high trees and construction work.

The constable's wife, Ann, 39, and leading churchmen appealed for his release, but the only word from the IRA was that he had been killed after "questioning."

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