Broad Creek Opened After Sewage Spill

September 18, 1990

A stretch of Broad Creek that was closed for five days in the wake of a sewage spill reopened last week.

Swimming, water-skiing and diving are allowed once again in the upper end of the Annapolis creek, said Evelyn E. Stein, spokeswoman for the county Health Department.

Health officials posted signs Sept. 8 prohibiting water sports in the section between Heritage Harbour and Camp Woodlands, a Girl Scout camp on Riva Road, after an undetermined amount of raw waste spilled into the headwaters from a blocked sewer line.

A passer-by noticed sewage overflowing from a manhole near the Heritage Harbour housing community and seeping into the creek two Saturdays ago.

The creek was closed for five days until the contamination diluted and water samples showed acceptable counts of fecal coliform, a bacteria that indicates the presence of sewage. Since relatively little waste spilled into the water, the creek reopened Thursday, a day earlier than expected, Stein said.

"It's reopened now, but with 60 degree days and 40 degree nights, I don't know how many people will be swimming anyway," she said.

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