A handy, home health guide


September 18, 1990|By Gerri Kobren

PRACTICAL FAMILY HEALTH. An American Medical Association Home Medical Library volume. 144 pages. Published by Reader's Digest. $16.98.

Eighteen books are included in the AMA Home Medical Library; this one is comprehensive enough that you probably don't need the others. Actually, you don't really need this one either. Most of the same information is available in other one-volume health guides. In this one, however, you get it in full-color, anatomical cutaways as well as in clear, simple text.

If you're curious about the flu, turn to "influenza" for an illustrated guide to viral infection and immune response. The exercise segments show you what to do and tell you why; and the first aid chapter shows you how to do what needs to be done in most household emergencies.

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