Blues cover Dawson with green

September 17, 1990|By Bill Burton

A small boat, big fish combination with a lot of chum mixed in won $42,500 for Jim Dawson of Monkton in the weekend's second annual Rod and Reel Big Bucks Bluefish Tournament.

A $25,000 winner last year, Dawson just about swept the field with blues ranging from 13.95 pounds to the grand winner of 17.21 pounds -- all surprisingly caught while chumming from his 25-foot trailerable boat above Love Point.

A Chesapeake Beach boat chumming near him got a 13.54-pounder for a bit of the prize money. The best sea trout -- a 7.56-pounder worth $5,000 -- was taken at the Stone Rock off Tilghman Island. Details will be in Thursday's Outdoor Journal.

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