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September 17, 1990|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

THEFT: Eastern District -- Theodore Robinson, of the 3400 block of Elmley Ave., reported that while his car was parked in the 2700 block of E. Eager St. over the weekend someone broke into the vehicle and removed several tools, clothing and a tennis racket. Robinson told police the property was valued at more than $150 and that entry was gained by breaking a vent window.

SHOOTING: Eastern District -- Police reported that Wilbur Hill, of the 1000 block of N. Chapel St., was reported in stable condition today at Johns Hopkins Hospital after he was shot in the stomach around 1:30 p.m. yesterday as he walked in the 900 block of N. Washington St. At the hospital, Hill told police he was walking down the street when he heard a gunshot and felt a severe pain in his stomach. Police today were attempting to learn if Hill was an intentional target of a gunman or was struck by a bullet meant for someone else.

BURGLARY: Eastern District -- A resident of the 2700 block of E. Chase St. reported that between 6 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. yesterday someone broke into her home through a rear basement window and removed property valued at more than $1,000. Police said the intruder made off with several pieces of stereo equipment, a 19-inch TV and $60 in cash.

ROBBERY TRY: Eastern District -- Felicia Harris, 20, of the 700 block of Wharton St., reported she was in the 1800 block of E. Eager St. around 3 a.m. yesterday when she was attacked by a man who attempted to steal her purse. Police said when Harris resisted the man's efforts to steal her purse, he struck her in the face before fleeing on foot.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- David Cooper, of the 2800 block of Oakley Ave. in the Pimlico section, reported he was near his home around 1 a.m. yesterday when he was accosted by a man armed with a handgun who demanded his money. Police said the gunman robbed Cooper of nearly $300 in cash and property and fled on foot.

BURGLARYBURGLARY: Northern District -- Police reported that someone broke into a dwelling in the 3500 block of Keswick Road and removed property valued at nearly $800. Police said entry was gained through a front window and that the burglar escaped with a camera and cash. Police said the burglary occurred between 1 p.m. Friday and 12:05 a.m. yesterday.

THEFT: Northern District -- Elizabeth Naill, of the 3400 block of Ash St., reported that someone entered her bedroom yesterday morning and removed $85 in cash from under her pillow. Naill told police she suspects a woman she knows of taking the money.

ROBBERY/RAPE: Northwestern District -- Police today continued to search for two men who forced a woman to accompany them into a dwelling in the 3700 block of Springdale Ave. early yesterday where they raped her at gunpoint and forced her to give up her jewelry. Following the incident, the woman made her way to her home where she reported the incident to relatives, who called police. Police said the woman was treated at a hospital and released.

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- Employees of the Revco drug store in the 4400 block of Park Heights Ave. reported a man armed with a handgun entered the store around 9:15 a.m. yesterday and forced an employee to give up money from her cash register. Police said the gunman fled the store on foot with about $100 in cash.

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- Lartemus Brooks, of the 3800 block of Hayward Ave., told police she was walking in the 3700 block of W. Belvedere Ave. around 1:30 a.m. yesterday when she was accosted by two men, one armed with a handgun, who forced her to give up her purse containing cash and property, all valued at nearly $120. Brooks told police that during the robbery, the gunman pressed the weapon to her head and threatened to shoot her.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 5600 block of Force Road reported that someone broke into her home and ransacked several rooms, taking a TV, VCR and several pieces of jewelry. Police said the property was valued at nearly $900. Police said the robber broke into the house by standing on top of a picnic table and climbing up to a first-floor window. There, the intruder stood on a window air conditioner while he cut a window screen and then entered.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Bruce Jones, of the 2900 block of Harford Road, reported that someone entered the back yard of his home around 10 a.m. yesterday and took his Chow dog. Jones told police the dog was valued at $500. Police said a 24-year-old resident of the 2700 block of Tivoly Ave. is being sought in connection with the theft.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Officials of Hamilton Presbyterian Church in the 5500 block of Harford Road reported that someone broke into the main building over the weekend through an unlocked side door and ransacked offices and storage lockers in search of money or valuable property. Police said it was not immediately known what property was taken.

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