Misleading flier, cases of ticket shyness, images of Schaefer mark election week

September 17, 1990|By Dennis O'Brien and John W. Frece of The Sun's metropolitan staff contributed to these notes.

A piece of campaign literature distributed Tuesday in Dundalk may help explain why House Majority Leader John S. Arnick was in such a dogfight to get re-elected in Baltimore County's 7th District.

A flier circulated by volunteers for County Council candidate Jacob Mohorovic and paid for by a political action committee called The People's Choice listed endorsements for Mr. Arnick and one of the other two House of Delegate candidates, Joseph VTC J. Minnick, who was edged out of the running Tuesday by only a few votes.

But the flier encouraged voters to cast a ballot for Mr. Arnick by pulling Lever 5B -- the lever set up to cast a vote for Louis DePazzo, the other incumbent Democrat who spent much of the campaign feuding with Mr. Arnick.

John E. Galeano, treasurer of The People's Choice, declined to comment on the mistake.

*Candidates who win the primary often join with fellow candidates of the same party on a ticket, putting aside past differences so they can face the opposition together in the general election.

But in Baltimore County, three winners in the Democratic primary have said they will run campaigns independent of Baltimore County Executive Dennis F. Rasmussen. A fourth Democratic candidate was on the fence yesterday.

Donald Mason, a Democratic nominee for County Council in the 7th District; Janice Piccinini, Democratic nominee for Senate in the 10th District; and County Councilwoman Barbara Bachur, D-4th, have all backed off from joining the executive's ticket.

Mr. Mason ran openly against Mr. Rasmussen in the primary. Ms. Piccinini's district is in Northern Baltimore County, where the anti-Rasmussen property tax protest movement is running strong. And Mrs. Bachur said she has too often disagreed with Mr. Rasmussen's policies over the past four years.

Vincent Gardina, who upset four-term incumbent Norman Lauenstein to win the Democratic nomination for County Council in the 5th District, was still undecided at the end of last week. He said he has yet to discuss the issue with Mr. Rasmussen.

"Like everybody else, I have to be careful because there's a lot of Republicans in my district, and there's a lot of anti-incumbent feeling out there," said Mr. Gardina.

Mr. Rasmussen said that he hopes to talk with all of the Democratic candidates but that he is confident of victory in November, whether or not he has all of them on his ticket.

*To make sure everyone understood the significance of the decision to hold Gov. William Donald Schaefer's primary night celebration in the Baltimore School for the Arts, the governor's aides told reporters that the ornate, balconied theater with the worn hardwood floors was officially named the "William Donald Schaefer Ballroom."

Mr. Schaefer's Democratic opponent, gun advocate and Glen Burnie real estate agent Frederick M. Griisser Jr., held his election night party in simpler digs -- at the Timbuktu restaurant-tavern complex on Dorsey Road in Hanover.

*And, just in case someone attending Governor Schaefer's primary night celebration might have forgotten why they were there, the governor's campaign staff provided a plentiful supply of visual reminders.

On the walls, on the balconies, on the stage, on the microphone stand and on the doors were at least 55 poster-sized pictures of Mr. Schaefer, a determined look captured on the candidate's face.

By a generous though unofficial count of the governor's election night crowd, that meant there was one poster-sized portrait of the governor plastered somewhere on the building for every five or six people in attendance -- about 250 in all.

Even embarrassed aides to the governor quietly acknowledged that if Mr. Schaefer's Cabinet secretaries (almost all of whom were there), his staff and other administration officials suddenly left, about the only people who would have remained were reporters and television crews.

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