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September 16, 1990

Location means nothing

Last Sunday, a letter writer said that people in Baltimore don't root for the Redskins because of the time when back in 1979 the Orioles were doing this and that in reference to them being part of D.C. and that the Skins don't do anything for Baltimore or play here. Well, if you're going to like a team, it should be for how good the team is, no matter where its home field is or how much it does or doesn't contribute to the surrounding area.

You usually like a team because of its past achievements, the team colors or any other reason except where the home field is. Don't criticize the team for not being more pro-Baltimore. When was the last time the Orioles played in D.C.? Doesn't the president of the United States, who works and resides in D.C., still welcome the Orioles no matter where the field actually sits? He did throw out the first ball in Baltimore. Funny, I don't remember Governor Schaefer or Mayor Schmoke throwing out the first football at the Skins game!

iane T. Miller


That's entertainment

I realize we are spoiled when it comes to announcers. But I think that the team of Jon Miller and Joe Angel does a fantastic job. I really enjoy listening to them during the season. They really shine when the team is losing by keeping the audience entertained. Actually, that is what their job is, to keep you entertained while keeping you informed on what is happening on the field.

Donna Chaitovitz


Promising Terps

When the season began, I was about 99 percent sure the University of Maryland's football season was headed nowhere. After a 2-0 start, I have not entirely changed my mind, but I'm a bit more optimistic.

Let's face it, with only one solid skill player back (QB Scott Zolak), there was not much reason for optimism. Coming off of a 3-7-1 season, plus the likes of Michigan, Penn State, Clemson and, yes, West Virginia on the '90 schedule, it appeared Maryland coach Joe Krivak would be spending his final season here.

There is reason now to be more optimistic, but let's not go hog wild. The Terrapins still haven't played great football their first two games. They made several mistakes (turnover) vs. Virginia Tech and held on to win by a touchdown. Although they knocked off No. 25 West Virginia, they still did not play well offensively considering the number of times they were inside the Mountaineers' 30-yard line and could not capitalize. Krivak was not entirely pleased, and he should not be.

With the tough ACC road ahead, plus Michigan and Penn State, a 7-4 season would be a tremendous accomplishment. Even though the Terps won their first two games, I still see them winning five games at the most. Krivak will need that (at the very least) to keep 1990 from being his last season at College Park. He was, however, given new life when Andy Geiger was hired as the new athletic director. Krivak and Geiger worked together years ago at Syracuse.

There still are many obstacles ahead for the Terrapins football program, and a winning season in 1990 would be a success.

ryan N. Mclean


Try these moves

I am 14 years old and have been an Orioles fan for a long time. I have witnessed them bungle through this season, and I offer these suggestions to Orioles management:

*Trade Mickey Tettleton, his anemic bat, his 200 strikeouts, his poor fielding, his pathetic stats, his non-existent clutch hiting and his box of Froot Loops for anything we can get, even if it's scoreboard lights, hot-dog buns, an usher to be named later and one of those umbrellas from Umbrella Night.

*Ship all of the White Sox bums -- Ron Kittle, Dave Gallagher, Tim Hulett and Kevin Hickey -- back to Chicago and ask for a refund. Tell 'em we'll throw in J.J. Bautista in case they're trying to blow a 14-1 lead, in which case Bautista would be your man.

*Bring back Eddie Murray. Murray was the best Oriole, and all we got for him were minor-leaguers. Now , Murray is hitting .318 with 24 homers and 84 RBI, while ex-Dodger Juan Bell is providing Red Wings fans with some extra excitement by fighting his own teammates. I think we won that trade, don't you?

Sandy Fine


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