Readers write

Readers write

September 16, 1990


From: Darrel Drown

Ellicott City

I noted with interest that my opponent for the County Council seat in Ellicott City had a particularly strange quote at her announcement to seek a second term. "We should not let the Republicans pretend they're for growth control. They never have been and they aren't now."

A little history of Democratic growth control: *1982 -- Route 100 removed from the General Plan.

*1985 -- Route 100 put back on the General Plan, but still not under construction.

*1985 -- Route 103 rezoned for hundreds more homes than the road system can handle.

*1986-1989 -- An average of 4,000 building permits were issued each year while their own General Plan called for 2,000 units per year.

*1990 - Nearly $200,000 spent to limit access to North Chatham Road so that those on Plum Tree Road and St. John's Lane have more traffic.

Four more years of growth control, but up front, not at the end of the process. I favor putting planning and predictability back into the system.

The voters know the growth mess was created by those in power and I bet they're willing to throw the culprits out who created the problems. Howard County is ready for a change and Nov. 6 will give us that opportunity.


From: Christine Mendelson


Child care becomes a major concern when both parents choose to work and continue their careers while still trying to maintain good care for their child. This is the case for my husband and myself.

We realize that the Howard County government has given us the opportunity to be selective of a wide range of quality care facilities, a fact which other counties do not share. Therefore, we are pleased to be residents in an area which values its greatest resource, its children.

Also, it is my understanding that since (County Executive M. Elizabeth) Bobo has taken office, the number of registered day-care providers has almost doubled from 337 to 655. Also, within the last three years, preschool child-care centers have grown from 30 to 37. While this growth does not insure quality, the fact that Ms. Bobo has appointed an ad hoc task force on child care and the first Howard County child care coordinator, it seems to indicate their commitment to keeping our children a high priority.

It is reassuring to know the Task Force will be examining the current child-care system and make recommendations for improvements and that the coordinator will organize child-care services, identify service gaps and develop methods to meet these needs.

Therefore we appreciate that through Ms. Bobo's leadership efforts and those of a responsive county government, our family will continue to have choices maintaining the high quality of life we have chosen to have in Howard County.


From: Bryna Rudzin


With all the misinformation around Howard County I'm so glad that two pro-choice candidates for seats in the House of Delegates in District 14B, Delegate Bob Kittleman and Delegate Bob Flanagan, have pledged their support for legislation that would guarantee women the right to choose to have an abortion.

Readers in Ellicott City, West Columbia, West Friendship and Clarksville might well post the names of Bob Kittleman and Bob Flanagan on their refrigerators so they will easily be remembered on Election Day Nov. 6.

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