Bowers Defeats Morgan

September 16, 1990|By David Herzog | David Herzog,Staff writer

A retired Social Security Administration manager from Baltimore County beat a backer of former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche in the 2nd Congressional District Democratic primary Tuesday.

Ronald P. Bowers of Lutherville will face incumbent Republican Helen D.

Bentley in the Nov. 6 general election. Bentley ran unopposed in the primary.

Bowers beat Cornelius U. Morgan 21,603 to 13,333 votes in the district, which covers western Harford and most of Baltimore County. Bowers had 62 percent of the vote and Morgan had 38 percent.

In Harford, -- the western half of which lies in the 2nd Congressional District -- Bowers beat Morgan 5,267 to 1,959 votes. Bowers had 45.9 percent of the county's vote and Morgan had 17.1 percent.

A few weeks before the primary, state Democratic Party Chairman Nathan Landow had urged voters to spurn Morgan at the polls because of the candidate's "extremist" views.

Morgan had placed an ad in a Harford weekly newspaper criticizing Jewish leaders who condemn anti-Semitism and support abortion rights. In an Aug. 24 letter to newspaper editors, Landow wrote Morgan "proudly projects the LaRouche message of hatred, anti-Semitism and economic extremism through his candidacy."

Given Morgan's views, Bowers said, he was surprised Morgan took nearly 40 percent of the district's vote. He said newspapers failed to expose Morgan's positions. "If people had known him or heard him they would have rejected him."

The former Social Security Administration budget analyst and manager says he is at least as knowledgeable as Bentley on fiscal matters. He added he favors shifting the tax burden to individuals and couples with incomes greater than $200,000, before raising taxes for middle and lower income people.

Neither Bentley nor Morgan could be reached for comment last week.

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