Election '90/council Races: Pierno Upsets Schafer, Hatem

Beats Helton Glassman Hopes To 'Develop' Voters' Opposition To Hooper

September 16, 1990|By Staff report

Incumbent County Councilman J. Robert Hooper, D-District D, says he's the type of person who doesn't mind if he doesn't get credit for his good ideas and suggestions.

But Hooper may change his mind if he proves as vulnerable in the general election as his Republican opponent believes.

Both Hooper and Republican Barry T. Glassman were unopposed in their respective primary races.

Hooper, a 54-year-old Street resident, is seeking a third term on council. He says that although he hasn't introduced much legislation, he has worked behind the scenes to develop a consensus on issues.

But, Glassman, 28, of Level, says county residents are unhappy with Hooper because they see him as too supportive of developers' proposals.

In particular, Glassman, a senior supervisor with The Travelers, an insurance company with a Towson office, has criticized Hooper for voting in favor of proposals to build malls in Harford.

Hooper, however, defends his record, saying existing county zoning laws and the county's master plan for development often leave council members little leeway to reject development plans.

Hooper and Glassman agree the county needs to provide more funding for recycling programs. Glassman also said that, if elected, he'd propose the county provide financial incentives to encourage recycling.

Both men also say the county should adopt an adequate public facilities law, which would prohibit growth where public services are inadequate.

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