Proponents Meet

September 16, 1990

Two members of the Baltimore Regional Council of Governments' Housing Partnership Task Force met with county officials Thursday to discuss a preliminary plan for producing more affordable housing.

The 20-member task force, which includes Carroll Bureau of Housing and Community Development Chief Marie Kienker, has been meeting since January to determine ways to reduce barriers inhibiting production of affordable housing in the region and mobilize support from industry and local governments.

"We see the solution to the problem in a partnership approach," said Patricia McMillan, director of Housing and Community Development at the Regional Council. "We want our report to be the stimulus to get people to consider other ways of doing things."

Commissioner Jeff Griffith told McMillan and Task Force Chairman Raymond J. Piechocki that the Regional Council's plan is consistent with the county's recent efforts to address the housing issue. The county's Affordable Housing Task Force submitted recommendations to the commissioners last spring.

Griffith said the county has the authority to change zoning laws and density allowances to permit more affordable housing. But for other programs, adequate financing has been a barrier, he said.

He also said the autonomy of Carroll's eight municipalities makes it hard to implement a countywide plan.

Kienker also met with the Regional Council representatives.

The Housing Partnership's priorities are to: *Facilitate, develop and implement projects which produce and/or preserve affordable housing for low and moderate income households throughout the region.

*Serve areas near major employment centers lacking affordable housing or public transportation.

*Serve areas lacking non-profit housing development ability.

*Maximize private sector and non-profit participation in affordable housing projects.

*Sustain economic self-sufficiency for the partnership.

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