Town Meets Planners

September 16, 1990

NEW WINDSOR - Planners from George Washington University's Institute for Urban Development will meet with town and community leaders here to discuss preserving the area's natural and historic sites.

The seven graduate students and two professors from the Washington school will begin their study with a tour of the 25-square-mile area, which extends from Westminster to Union Bridge and from Uniontown to Sams Creek, starting at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

The tour was scheduled to familiarize the planners with the countryside, said David T. Duree co-chairman of the New Windsor Community Action Project.

NEWCAP, which was formed about two years ago to deal with develop issues, invited the group because their program and the organization's needs "meshed perfectly."

"New Windsor is growing," said Duree. "We want to manage that growth to preserve our heritage, respect our architectural style and community spirit. These people have the background and experience to help us."

The Washington group will categorize and inventory historic sites, natural resources and landscapes, he added, with an eye to suggesting ways to protect those elements from encroaching development.

The planners will continue studying the area for the next three months, working with town officials and county planners before making recommendations to NEWCAP sometime in December.

They also are encouraging community participation as they try to define what should be preserved in the area.

"The information from this study will help us in the planning process," said Duree.

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