Minority-owned Md. businesses win AT&T contracts

September 14, 1990|By Leslie Cauley

Two minority-owned businesses in Maryland have been awarded million-dollar contracts from American Telephone & Telegraph Co. to work on a major office automation project for the federal Department of Transportation, AT&T said yesterday.

Automated Sciences Group Inc. of Silver Spring and World Computer Systems Inc. of Laurel were among five companies to win $1 million contracts from AT&T to help fulfill an $850 million contract won by AT&T last winter.

AT&T's contract, known as the Office Automation Technology and Services contract, is one of the largest office automation projects ever awarded, AT&T said. OATS calls for AT&T to provide a complete package of hardware, software, maintenance and technical services for DOT, which is in Washington.

Toward that end, AT&T will have to examine office automation requirements at DOT offices across the country, and that's where the two Maryland companies come in.

Saul Cohen, vice president of information services for Automated Sciences, said once AT&T decides that an office needs to be automated, it will be up to ASG and the other subcontractors to make an assessment of what equipment will be required to do the job.

All five subcontractors will visit DOT sites around the country to make those assessments, offering advice on how OATS hardware and software can be integrated, AT&T said.

About 40 companies competed for the subcontracts. Of the winners, all but one were minority-owned, AT&T said.

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