Jane Stewart Mapes, 73, a retired public relations...


September 13, 1990

Jane Stewart Mapes, 73, a retired public relations executive, took her life Friday at her home in Litchfield Park, Ariz. She had been ill for some time with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease. She and her husband, John G. Mapes, who died last year, founded an opinion research company, the Group Attitudes Corp., in 1950. They joined Hill & Knowlton Inc. when their company was acquired in 1956. She served as president of Group Attitudes before and after it became a subsidiary of Hill & Knowlton. She retired from Hill & Knowlton in 1968.

Bernard Nadel, 81, a retired New York State Supreme Court justice, died Sunday in New York. In a 1975 hearing on a $100 million suit that charged Howard R. Hughes, the reclusive

billionaire, with stock fraud, he issued an order giving Hughes two weeks to prove that he was not dead. Justice Nadel was elected to New York's Supreme Court in 1968 and retired in 1984.

Dorothy Jackson Nichols, 76, who worked for Lyndon B. Johnson from the time he was a freshman congressman until the end of his presidency, died Sunday in Austin, Texas. Mrs. Nichols was working in Austin in the late 1930s when Johnson hired her as a secretary. When he went to Washington, she went along. She worked as both a secretary and an assistant over the years.

John Hallowell Ohly, 79, a retired federal official who had held a number of positions in the State and Defense departments, died Sunday in North Adams, Mass.

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