East meets (New) West

September 13, 1990|By --Donna Peremes

You may already have seen the advertisements featuring vigorous and healthy young men and women frolicking to the faintly eerie tune of Eric Clapton's guitar version of "Home on the Range." That wailing guitar heralds New West's arrival East.

The new men's scent from Aramis seeks to represent an image of the West as a modern, high-tech, hotbed of ideas, rather than the traditional haunting ground of cowboys, Indians, and movie stars.

"The New West is like America's laboratory of ideas," says Mark Berski, marketing manager for New West. He cites the health and fitness movement and new directions in food, clothing and architecture as examples of new ideas that have originated in California and help constitute the New West image.

The fragrance, a blend of bergamot, sandalwood, moss, patchouli, and even oregano, among other ingredients, is available locally at Macy's and Hecht's, with prices from $12 to $38.

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