ACC is leaning toward accepting Florida State

September 12, 1990|By Ivan Maiseland Steve Richardson | Ivan Maiseland Steve Richardson,Dallas Morning News

On a day when Southeastern Conference commissioner Roy Kramer visited Florida State, the Atlantic Coast Conference gave every indication that it would accept the Tallahassee, Fla., university as its ninth member.

Both Florida State president Bernard Sliger and ACC commissioner Gene Corrigan have set Saturday as a deadline for making a decision about their future.

Corrigan emerged from a long meeting of his athletic directors and faculty representatives yesterday in the league's Greensboro, N.C., office and said, "Florida State has passed the litmus test of our people. Our people are interested in Florida State. So now the issue is whether to expand or not. We hope to work our way to a decision in another day or so."

Since the ACC did not vote expansion down in its meeting, Florida State athletic officials are taking that as a sign that the ACC is interested. Three votes were needed to vote expansion down. Once Corrigan indicates to Sliger that the league wants to expand, Florida State -- which is a member of the Metro Conference in all sports except football (where it is an independent) -- will make a choice.

The leagues will not choose. Kramer visited Florida State and stressed he was not there to issue an invitation. Neither the ACC nor the SEC wants to appear as if it has been spurned.

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