ACC to decide on expansion by Saturday HD: Duke, Wake Forest are main dissenters

September 12, 1990|By Don Markus

Faculty representatives from the eight Atlantic Coast Conference schools met for more than five hours yesterday in Greensboro, N.C., and decided they needed more to time to decide whether to expand.

According to ACC commissioner Gene Corrigan, a decision is expected "before Saturday."

But Corrigan made it clear that if the league does vote to add a ninth school, Florida State will be invited. The Seminoles belong to the Metro Conference in all sports except football, in which they are independent.

"Florida State has passed the litmus test of our people," Corrigan said in a statement released last night. "There's no doubt our people are interested in Florida State. Now the issue is whether to expand or not expand."

The ACC needs six of the eight schools to vote in favor of expansion to go ahead with a formal invitation. League sources have indicated that Wake Forest and Duke are the two strongest dissenters.

Florida State's Board of Governors is to vote tomorrow on whether to join a new league. The Seminoles are also considering a move to the Southeastern Conference.

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