Van Fares Submitted

September 12, 1990

The Department of Aging is awaiting Public Service Commission approval of a transportation fare schedule that could go into effect as early as Oct. 29.

The van service, mainly for seniors and handicapped individuals but available to the general public as well, is run by Carroll Transit System through a contract with the Department of Aging.

Department of Aging Director Jolene Sullivan said the van program relies heavily on government subsidies but needs more income from fares.

The commission will vote whether to approve the fares on Sept. 26, said Marjorie Bachmann, administrative services analyst for the Department of Aging. She said the department will advertise the proposed changes later this month.

The proposed fare schedule ranges from $1 to $3 for seniors and handicapped, depending on the distance, and $2 to $6 for the general public. Some fixed routes would cost less -- $1 to $3 for the general public. Trips to senior centers would generally be $1, Bachmann said.

Sullivan said seniors now pay an average donation of 29 cents for trips to senior centers. For service on demand, seniors and handicapped people pay $1.50 a trip, regardless of the distance. Everyone else pays $3 a trip.

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