Farming Family Featured In Magazine

September 12, 1990|By Staff report

Open the August issue of Successful Farming, a nationally circulated magazine, and the Wilson Lippy family of Hampstead will be smiling out at you.

The magazine, based in Des Moines, Iowa, featured three pages, including four photos, on the family under the headline "Successful Family Farm."

Lippy, who farms 8,500 acres with his three brothers, said he was honored the magazine chose to write about him, his wife Rosemary, and daughters Heidi and Mary Lee.

Successful Farming, circulation 485,000, is a magazine for farm families.

The article focused on Lippy's involvement in the Fellowship of Christian Farmers. He is president of the central Maryland chapter.

The article says, "Until he was 40, Wilson lived farming day and night -- typical of a farmer with his drive for success. Then, on a soybean research trip to Haiti in 1974, a friend asked if he was a Christian. Wilson said yes. The friend disagreed.

"Wilson went home and turned the question over and over in his head. 'I realized that although I had gone to church all my life, I never thought about Christ until then,' Wilson says."

Lippy was quoted as saying he and his brothers work well together.

"We have four different personalities, but we each realize what's best for the farm, even if it's someone else's idea," he said.

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