Hoods up!

September 12, 1990|By Michael Wilson | Michael Wilson,Dallas Morning News

As we head into the cooler season, expect the truly hip people to have it covered.

With hoods, that is.

The hooded look has been one of the biggest trends on the runway this year. Designers show them with virtually anything that people wear: Wool jersey dresses with draped cowl necklines that conveniently flip up. Hooded zip-front bodysuits. Long-sleeved T-shirts with that extra flap achieve the sweatshirt look without the heavy weight.

Through the centuries, people of different cultures have worn hoods for more practical reasons: Nomadic tribes in Europe used them to shroud the face from harsh sun; knights in the Middle Ages donned them for protection against rain and high winds.

The latest interpretation for men takes much inspiration from bicycle messengers and hip street kids in London, Paris and New York, who layered hooded sweatshirts under outerwear for extra warmth.

On the women's side, the influence comes partly from Hollywood glamour queens who so fancied their luxurious cloaks. Remember Claudette Colbert? She usually looked flawless on screen, but never more so than in the '30s romantic-comedy Midnight. She stepped off the Paris train in pouring rain wearing a floor-length gown. Her only protection was the draped cowl she raised as a hood.

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