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September 10, 1990

The last day: Letters on the election

I was very disappointed in The Evening Sun's endorsement o Sen. Frank Kelly's opponent, primarily because of the rhetoric used.

If your paper wants to endorse pro-abortion candidates because that is your position, you have that prerogative. However, I object to your singling out Senator Kelly's position on the bottle tax as a reason to oppose him. Probably a higher percentage of the voters in the 10th District oppose this tax than support the pro-abortion position.

The filibuster is a technique which was written into our legislative process by our founding fathers to give a conscientious minority an opportunity to prevent questionable laws from being railroaded through, a process akin to the veto and one which separates our form of government from others and makes us unique. If Senator Kelly's position damaged his effectiveness, why was he voted by his colleagues one of the 10 most effective senators in Annapolis?

You may oppose Senator Kelly's position on abortion, but please do not lower yourself to suggesting, erroneously, that his opponent has better positions on the issues. Perhaps you should read your morning paper for a more accurate assessment of Senator Kelly's accomplishments.

Edward C. Sullivan


Congratulations on your good judgment in endorsing challenger Janice Piccinini for the Senate in the 10th District. Yours was a thoughtful, thorough editorial. Regardless of whether we live in the same legislative district, innumerable people are concerned abut the possible re-election of incumbent Frank Kelly, who is very noisy about eliminating abortion rights when the legislature is in session and reprehensibly silent on the subject at election time.

There are many more Frank Kellys among the would-be-legislators running in tomorrow's election, and I had to do some diligent detective work to find out how to cast only pro-choice votes in my district, the 9th. NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League) assured me that there are two pro-choice candidates among the Republicans (Sen. Vernon Boozer and Del. John Bishop) and four all-new pro-choice candidates for the House of Delegates among the Democrats (Brewster, Culbertson, Cuzzone and Smith).

Alice W. Muth


The quality of people serving in the U.S. Congress has declined to the point that the incumbents would better serve a banana republic. The only issue these people take any interest in is how much they can increase their private wealth, either from the public trough or the legalized bribes called PACs.

With a budget deadline of Oct. 1 and government agencies waiting for their action, this group of irresponsible people went on vacation for a month. It's time for the people to give them a permanent vacation by defeating every incumbent in the upcoming elections.

If this sounds too radical, think of the alternative: to send all of these people who have already shown the job is too big for them back to Washington. No. The theme across the entire country should be vote for new blood.

Thomas H. German


In response to the article run by The Evening Sun about th "fireworks" in the 7th District Baltimore County Council race, the incumbent, Dale Volz, has such a list of failures during his four years of office, it is no wonder that it is causing a stir.

Some of the more outstanding events of Volz's years are:

* He failed to alert the people of Edgemere about the proposed closing of their fire station.

* He failed to notify the people of Logan Village that they were getting a methadone center in their neighborhood.

* He failed to help the people of the North Point/Wells McComas area with the closing of a dangerous road.

* He failed to sound the warning about the chromium waste soon to be dumped on the Hart/Miller Island dike.

* He failed to fully explain the "sweetheart deal" made in Turner's Station for a building loan.

* He failed to support the people who worked so hard to close the Norris Farm landfill in finally securing the deed to the property so that this issue could be put to rest.

Mr. Volz has failed on some issues extremely important to the residents of the 7th District. Voters should take note.

Albert C. Kuhar Jr.


With so many candidates running in the Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District, how is a voter to decide? We have all been inundated with campaign literature, rhetoric and promises, taken our share of the volunteers' phone calls and seen the ads. To look at some of the advertising, you would almost think that most of the candidates are alike and hold the same positions on many critical issues. You'd better think again.

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