September 10, 1990

Here are two corrections for the non-partisan voters guide published in Sunday's Anne Arundel County Sun:

*Material provided by Robert J. Cancelliere, 55, a Severna Park resident, small business owner, and long-time community participant who is a Democratic candidate for the District 5 County Council seat, was inadvertently omitted. His opinion of the campaign's most important issue and how he would resolve it:

"Taxes! End the charade of the administration taking credit for tax reduction while our tax bill goes up every year. In the past eight years, our tax bill has doubled while inflation went up only 50 percent. Let's implement the constant-yield formula for taxes. Let the county gain additional dollars from new development and improvements. If additional funds are still required, let the executive and council state how much more they need and be accountable for the increase. We could then truly measure their effectiveness."

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