Valvano wants back on court

January 08, 1990

According to the New York Daily News, Jim Valvano, who exited N.C. State under fire, and now does double-duty with ABC and ESPN, is already getting antsy and will leave TV if he connects with a college or NBA gig.

Valvano admits he already misses running his own team. "The high of broadcasting a good game is not the same as winning when you are coaching," Valvano said. "I miss the locker room. I do the same preparation [for TV] as I did as a coach but now it's not my team.

"I miss giving the Knute Rockne pep talk, I miss getting those pre-game nerves and I really miss the one-on-one; you know, my team against your team.

"How long will I do this? It will depend on how the people I wor for feel about me but, most importantly, how the fans accept me."

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